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Es una colección de tomas no liberadas "work-in-progress",mezclas. Preparados por los Beatles y por su productor George Martin durante el verano de 1968 en la realizacion del "Album blanco". La mayoria de ellos estan en mono algunas sin editar.

The Beatles white album mixes

01-Back in the USSR
02-Helter Skelter
04-Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And Mi Monkey
05-Dear prudence
06-Not guilty
07-Ob la di ob la da
08-While my guitar gently weeps
09-Happines is a warm gun
10-Don't pass me by
11-Glass onion
13-I'm so tired
14-Yer blues
15-Sexy sadie
16-Good night
17-What's the new Mary Jane
18-Revolution 1
19-Revolution 9
20-Step inside love


The Beatles: Recording Sessions - Mark Lewisohn
The Official Abbey Road Studio Sessions Notes - 1962/1970

* 204 pages
* Publisher: Three Rivers Press (August 18, 1990)
* Language: English
* Pdf
* 75 Mb

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La banda de Los Beatles fue, indiscutiblemente, una de las más importantes, y el legado que ha dejado para la eternidad probablemente nunca pueda igualarse. Beatles Booklet es una aplicación que recopila las letras de las canciones de este grupo, organizados por álbum, y es ideal para fanáticos. La interfaz consta de una pantalla principal única, en la que se podrán realizar todas las acciones, como por ejemplo, buscar, imprimir o exportar las canciones. Esta versión posee nuevos álbumes, discografía y filmografía de la banda, estadísticas de composición, instrumentos y otras mejoras...

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Paul McCartney - Chronicles in the Backyard (12CD)

Volume 1
Album Outtakes
01. Comfort Of Love (B-Side)
02. Growing Up Falling Down (B-Side)
03. She Is So Beautiful (Japan Only Bonus Track)
Chaos And Creation In The Backyard - Interview Disc
04. Releasing An Album
05. Making A Good Album
06. Inspiration For Songs
07. Vocal Delivery And Range
08. Recording Sessions
09. Recording Over A Period Of Time
10. Listening To Other People's Music
11. Inspiration
12. Producer Nigel Godrich
13. Different Approach
14. Differences-Fallouts
15. About Fine Line
16. Interesting Choice Of Words
17. About How Kind Of You
18. Writing Jenny Wren
19. Who Is Jenny Wren
20. About At The Mercy
21. About Friends To Go
22. About English Tea
23. About Too Much Rain
24. About A Certain Softness
25. About Riding To Vanity Fair
26. About Follow Me
27. About Promise To You Girl
28. About This Never Happened Before
29. About Anyway
30. About I've Only Got Two Hands
31. Album Title
32. A Record I Like
33. The Listener
Virgin Breakfast Show With Pete & Geoff (UK)
34. Part One-Friends To Go
35. Part Two-Follow Me

Volume 2
Virgin Breakfast Show With Pete & Geoff (UK)
01. Part Three-Too Much Rain
02. Part Four-Paul Helps Annabel Port Finish A Song
03. Part Five-Yellow Submarine
Front Row, BBC Radio 4 (UK)
04. John Wilson interviews McCartney (Playing Live: How Kind Of You-Jenny Wren & Blackbird-Anyway)
05. Zane Lowe interviews McCartney (Playing Live: Friends To Go-Anyway-I've Got A Feeling)
Live At The React Concert
06. Fine Line

Volume 3
"Sold On Song" Part One, BBC Radio 2 (UK)
01. Introduction
02. Interview By Mark Radcliffe
03. Paul Talks About Recording At Abbey Road
04. Friends To Go
05. In Spite Of All The Danger
06. Twenty Flight Rock
07. Things We Said Today
08. Too Much Rain
09. How Kind Of You
10. Band On The Run-Recording The BBC Radio 2 Commercial
11. Audience Participation-Fine Line
12. Lady Madonna-An Old Lady In New Clothes
13. English Tea
14. Heartbreak Hotel
15. Jenny Wren
16. Follow Me
17. Blackbird

Volume 4
"Sold On Song" Part Two, BBC Radio 2 (UK)
01. Using The Mellotron
02. Strawberry Fields Forever
03. Anyway
04. Finale
Promotional Radio Edit
05. Jenny Wren
Instrumental Versions
06. Riding To Vanity Fair
07. At The Mercy
08. Anyway
Glastonbury Festival, BBC TV (UK)
09. Follow Me
Adopt-A-Minefield Benefit, L.A. (USA)
10. Comfort Of Love (Rehearsal)
Early Mix
11. Too Much Rain
Radio Interview (UK)
12. Paul Talks About The Album Title
Capital Gold Radio
13. Interview By David Jensen

Volume 5
London XFM Studios (UK)
01. John Kennedy Interviews McCartney #1
02. Jenny Wren
03. John Kennedy Interviews McCartney #2
04. How Kind Of You
05. John Kennedy Interviews McCartney #3
06. Riding To Vanity Fair
07. John Kennedy Interviews McCartney #4
L'Instant Bleu, French Radio
08. Interview
09. How Kind of You

Volume 6
Radio 2, Dutch Radio
01. Interview Part 1
02. Interview Part 2
03. Interview Part 3
04. Interview Part 4
Miami Herald (USA)
05. Evelyn McDonnell Interviews McCartney
06. Daryn Karan Interviews McCartney
WMGK Philadelphia (USA)
07. Andre Gardner Interviews McCartney On The Phone

Volume 7
Sessions At AOL
01. Fine Line
02. English Tea
03. Let It Be
04. Lisa Petrillo Interviews McCartney
BBC Radio 2 (UK)
05. Ken Bruce Interviews McCartney
BBC Radio 6 (UK)
06. Tom Robinson Interviews McCartney
CBS News Sunday Morning (USA)
07. Jim Axelrod Interviews McCartney
BBC Radio 2 (UK)
08. Steve Wright Interviews McCartney

Volume 8
Unknown Radio Source
01. Jenny Wren Vs Blackbird
BBC Radio, London (UK)
02. Gary Crowley Interviews McCartney #1
03. How Kind Of You
04. Gary Crowley Interviews McCartney #2
05. Jenny Wren
06. Gary Crowley Interviews McCartney #3
07. Friends To Go
08. Gary Crowley Interviews McCartney #4
09. Riding To Vanity Fair
10. Gary Crowley Interviews McCartney #5
11. Follow Me
Johnnie Walker Show, BBC Radio 2 (UK)
12. Johnnie Walker Interviews McCartney On The Phone
NPR Interview
13. Steve Inskeep Interviews McCartney #1
14. Steve Inskeep Interviews Nigel Godrich
15. Steve Inskeep Interviews McCartney #2
Zane Lowe, BBC Radio 1 (UK)
16. I've Got A Feeling
AOL First Listen (Internet)
17. Fine Line

Volume 9
Piano Instrumental
01. I've Only Got Two Hands
Video Soundtrack
02. Jenny Wren
Sessions At AOL, Part Two (USA)
03. Friends To Go
04. Follow Me
05. The Long And Winding Road
BBC Radio, "Live 8"
06. Lady Madonna & Interview
Trafic (France)
07. Interview
Razor Cuts, Virgin Radio (UK)
08. Part 1
09. Part 2
10. Part 3
11. Part 4
12. Part 5
13. Part 6
14. Part 7
Album Bonus DVD
15. Fine Line
16. Fine Line
17. Chaos Sessions Snippets
18. Jenny Wren
19. Fine Line
Tour Rehearsals, Miami (USA)
20. Fine Line
21. English Tea
22. Follow Me

Volume 10
"Ellen" TV Show (USA)
01. How Kind of You ("duet" with Ellen)
02. Fine Line (live with band)
03. Interview Part One
04. Interview Part Two
05. English Tea (live with band)
06. Get Back (live with band)
XM Satellite Radio (USA)
07. Introduction, Welcome And Interview
08. How Kind of You
09. Making Up A Song On The Spot
10. Interview
11. Fine Line
12. Favourite Song
13. Album Cover
14. Starting A New Album
15. Follow Me
16. Riding To Vanity Fair
17. Analogue Vs Digital Recording
18. Touring
19. Classical Music
20. Bouree-Blackbird
21. When He's 64
22. Reflections

Volume 11
Album Outtakes
01. Summer Of '59 (vinyl only B-side)
02. I Want You To Fly (B-side)
03. This Loving Game (B-side)
Fidelity TV Commercials (USA)
04. Commercial #1
05. Commercial #2
All Access (USA)
06. Set 1:
*Magical Mystery Tour
*Live And Let Die
*Back In The USSR
*Fixing A Hole
*Helter Skelter
07. Set 2:
*Midnight Special
*Fine Line
*Maybe I'm Amazed
08. Set 3:
*McCartney commentary
*Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
*The Long And Winding Road
*Let Me Roll It
09. Set 4:
McCartney commentary
*Drive My Car
*Too Many People/She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
*Get Back

Volume 12
All Access - Continued (USA)
01. Set 5:
*McCartney commentary
*Follow Me
*Please Please Me
*Good Day Sunshine
*English Tea
02. Set 6:
*McCartney commentary
*Band On The Run
*I've Got A Feeling
03. Set 7:
*McCartney commentary
*Hey Jude
Nasa Link Space Station - Live Concert (USA)
04. Paul Talks To Astronauts From The Stage-English Tea (Live in Anaheim)-Good Day Sunshine (Live in Anaheim)
Breakfast With The Beatles (USA)
05. McCartney Quiz Winner
Macca Central (USA)
06. Interview




1. Yesterday
2. And I Love Her
3. Penny Lane
4. Blackbird
5. Can't Buy Me Love
6. She's Leaving Home
7. Ticket To Ride
8. Michelle
9. When I'm Sixty-Four
10. Norwegian Wood
11. Fool On The Hill
12. Eleanor Rigby


mp3 320 Kbps

Parodia Beatle

The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash
The Rutles en directo.

De esta manera, en 1978 llega ‘The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash’ escrita y dirigida por Eric Idle, ayudado en la realización por Gary Weis, que basándose irónicamente en la biografía de The Beatles nos relata durante una hora y cuarto desternillante las andanzas de The Rutles (apodados los prefab four), conjunto formado por Ron Nasty (interpretado por Neil Innes), Dirk McQuickly (Eric Idle), Stig O’Hara (Rikki Fataar), y Barry Wimbole (John Halsey), cuatro jóvenes de Liverpool que desde sus inicios en el sótano de The Cavern Rut en su ciudad natal hasta su último concierto en la azotea del edificio de Rutles Corps en Londres, protagonizarán la apasionante historia de la rutlemania.

Las canciones de The Rutles, que además de tener mucha gracia poseen calidad y brillantez, imitan el estilo beatle y son obra del antes citado Neil Innes, músico profesional e integrante del grupo The Bonzo Dog Band, formación admirada por los fab four que intervino en el filme de estos Magical Mistery Tour (1967).

A lo largo del filme se suceden apariciones de estrellas del Rock como George Harrison, en el papel de un periodista que entrevista al portavoz de The Rutles mientras desvalijan las oficinas de la compañía Rutles Corp, Ronnie Wood, como pandillero de los Hells Angels, o Mick Jagger y Paul Simon haciendo de si mismos. Otros cameos destacados son los de los actores cómicos Michael Palin, John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd y Bill Murray y la participación de Bianca Jagger, en la piel de la esposa del rutle Dirk McQuiclky.
All You Need Is Cash es una excelente muestra del género de documentales ficticios, a la par de una mordaz parodia de los musicales, y una inteligente burla hacia los desfases que la fama produce en los ídolos rockeros, su entorno, sus admiradores y en la sociedad en general.

Y sobre todo, es muy, muy divertida.

Data de la Peli:
Eric Idle - The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash (The Beatles History parody)
Source: DVDrip | Input Type : XVID | Input Size : 544 x 400 | FrameRate : 25.00 | KBitRate : 128
Length: 1:13 - 73 min | Language: English | Subtitles: Spanish, French | Cover incl. | 703 MB